Our commitment to excellence has made us a primary choice for companies in various fields. Some of the industries we have provided our services to include: aerospace, real estate, construction, travel, manufacturing as well as Information Technology.
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Welcome to Custom Solutions.ca
At Custom Solutions.ca we review your business needs and develop practical, reliable engineered solutions to solve your IT challenges.

Using state of the art tools and practices, and the expertise we've gained over our 10 years of developing solutions, we deliver quality products on time and at a fixed price. Whether you require custom website, graphics design, social media marketing, search engine optimization or hosting services, Custom Solutions.ca caters to all your business needs.

We’re committed to your satisfaction. We guarantee customized solutions that meet your specifications as well as your standards for quality, service, and support. Make us your partner today and let us deliver IT solutions that will make your business more profitable, efficient, and competitive.

Project Process
You approach Custom Solutions.ca with a need
.requirement analysis
We analyze your requirements and prototype the initial concept
We develop your solution using software engineering methods
.quality assurance
We assure quality along each step. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
.product delivery
We deliver the final product on time and on budget
Recent Work Sample
Our Services
Custom Website Design
Website Hosting
Content Management System (CMS)
Whether it's a re-design, or a brand new website design you require, we will collaborate with you to find out exactly what your long and short term goals are; what you wish your website to accomplish and your search engine marketing plans. We'll then work together to design the website that best represents your vision, and best markets your products.
Your websites are hosted in an insulated environment with dedicated resources, allowing you to offer your customers a truly reliable, redundant and secure hosting environment that is completely scalable as needed.
Our Content Management System allows you to create, add, update, and manage an unlimited number of content pages on your website without having to call a web designer! 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Website Analytics
Graphics Design
If your website is not being found in the search engines most likely there is a problem that needs to be fixed. We fix these problems and address search related issues that normal web design companies do not even know about. If you’re concerned about your current lack of search engine presence or you would like help developing a plan to gain more traffic to your website, you’ve come to the right place.
Our web analytics services help you track, measure, report and optimize your integrated online advertising and web marketing campaigns. In order to take full advantage of your website, you need to fully understand your traffic sources, your marketing initiative performance indicators, and the steps your visitors take on your site before they leave your website or take further action.
Let's face it! In the business world, good appearance counts! Customers trust and prefer companies that look polished & experienced. With a memorable identity and high quality graphics, your business can convey the sense of professionalism that is required for the success of any company… and that's where we come in!